UPRATED TURBO ACTUATORS - car tuning parts from CC Motorsport

We supply a huge range of car styling and tuning products including uprated actuators for turbo  models.

Click on the images for more details of uprated actuators  we have available ;

FMAC049 Adjustable Actuator T2 (forge Motorsport) Adjustable Actuator T2  82.00
FMAC048 Adjustable Race Actuator T3/T35/T4 (forge Motorsport) Adjustable Race Actuator T3/T35/T4  84.00
FMEVACT Mitsubishi Evo 5/6/7 Adjustable Actuator (forge Motorsport) Mitsubishi Evo 5/6/7 Adjustable Actuator  164.00
FMAC900 Saab 900 Adjustable Actuator (forge Motorsport) Saab 900 Adjustable Actuator  94.00
FMACVAG VAG Adjustable Turbo Actuator (KO4 Turbo) (forge Motorsport) VAG Adjustable Turbo Actuator (KO4 Turbo)  113.00
FMGTOACT Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo Adjustable Actuator Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo Adjustable Actuator  229.00

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