Stainless steel mesh from CC Motorsport car styling

Making your own stainless mesh grille, setting your own style !!

stainless steel mesh
grille mesh

We sell stainless steel mesh sheet in pre-cut standard sizes ;
or 1200x300mm
Our grille mesh is corrosion  resistant and very eye-catching.

Why buy poor aluminium grille mesh for the same price ?
Why cheapen the look of your new car grilles / bumper ?

Give your car a more sporty, mean look. Great for car grilles, vents, bumper openings.
Also provides protection from road debris for radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers etc.

Buy stainless grille mesh securely online by CLICKING HERE

As well as grille mesh, we also sell aftermarket complete car grilles
from manufacturers such as RGM, Bonrath, Lockwood etc.
Please visit our website to view them online ;

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