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Why choose a Green Cotton performance Airfilter ?
Firstly, the base material cotton is the best material for vehicle air filtration.
Its properties are perfect: It is organic so humidity and moisture will not affect it.
When damp it dries quickly and thoroughly and is unaffected by different weather conditions and temperatures.
The harsh environment in the engine bay will not affect its performance. The green colour enables you to see
the dirt being trapped by the filter so when heavy deposits build up you simply clean it. Foam filters (sponges)
and paper filters tend to absorb moisture and dirt rather than hold it. When wet their filtration compatibility is limited,

Green Cotton air filters are produced from a renewable resource and are washable, reusable and create less waste
than paper and foam filters, therefore being better for the environment,


Ionic charge = Powerful Performance
Green High Performance Airfilters come pre-treated with a specifically-formulated dirt-trapping oil.
This oil creates a positive (+) magnetic charge, or ionic bond, with the filter's stainless steel mesh.
The positive charge attracts the negatively (-) charged dust particles entering the filter, causing them
to cling to the steel mesh and allowing the cotton to remain clear for maximum airflow.


The most important aspect of any product is its construction and this is where Green Cotton Air Filters
are head and shoulders above the competition.  Green Filters are synonymous with motorsport and
motor racing and so they have simply used their experience to produce the road-going air filter range.
induction kits
Deep Pleats in the double layered cotton gauze ensure there is a 10-20% increase in the surface area
to draw more air into the engine.  The double layered cotton gauze is made up of a medium and fine
layer to trap and hold dirt, dust and moisture particles as small as 5 microns.  The gauze is held in place
by a strong, fine mesh that allows the filter to perform a perfect job.

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replacement air filter
Green Cotton air filters - replacement panel/round filters
- All replacement filters carry a 100,000 mile guarantee
- They are easy to install       - Ensure maximum airflow

These filters simply replace your existing standard air filter (element) and offer reduced restriction
of the air intake system thus optimising horsepower, throttle response and torque.  Simple to fit,
just remove your original filter from the airbox and "drop in" the Green Cotton Filter.

The rubber frame of the filter ensures a tight and secure fit inside the air box maximising the
airflow through the filter.  The pleated design has a massive filtration capacity and will catch
and hold large amounts of dust, dirt and moisture without restricting the air flow or vehicle performance.

performance airfilters

NOTE - Proper servicing and cleaning of your filter directly affects engine performance

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induction kits
Green Cotton Performance Direct Induction Kits
- Induction kits carry a 100,000 mile guarantee
- Induction kits give Maximum airflow
- Induction kits increase torque throughout engine's rpm range
- Induction kits do not affect emissions standards

           Single cone                    twin cone                     Powerflow              

Green Cotton performance airfilters have a vast ever-expanding range of induction kits in a variety
of styles and colours to suit most vehicles and needs.

Green Cotton Air Filter Induction Kits are derived from their involvement with developing
motor sport air filters.  The purpose of these induction kits is to deliver maximum amounts
of unrestricted, high volume, air straight to the engine.

The higher the air flow the greater the engine efficiency, horsepower,
throttle response and torque throughout the engines rpm range.

Fitting Green Cotton performance airfilters will not affect the emissions standards of your vehicle.
Installation is straight forward, with minimum technical know-how and a few common
hand tools needed.

General Information about induction kits
The efficiency of an engine is linked directly with the amount of air and fuel
entering the cylinders.  The less obstructions to the air flow, the more
efficient the engine's performance

The original manufacturer's air filter can represent a considerable obstacle
to the air flow, so by improving this the engine will optimise its performance.

This can be done by installing high performance induction kits.
In almost every case this will involve removing the air box which will then
probably shorten the distance between the air inlet and the engine.
By decreasing the distance between the filter and the engine and eliminating
any air flow restrictions, the engines performance will improve.
The gain is more noticeable at low speeds where more torque and more
acceleration can be achieved.  The longer and more restrictive the
original air flow system the more apparent the gain.

It is also worth noting that induction kits will generate more of a
growl than previously heard and multi-valve engines tend to create more
noise due to the relatively high running speed.  On turbo charges engines
the noise of the turbine will be slightly increased and on some models a
slight decrease in turbo response time may be felt.

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